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by Rebecca Einstein Schorr on 30 April 2013 @ 6:08 pm

night before

So now it’s become a thing — entering races. After completing a fabulous training program this past October, I entered my first 5K since my actual first one ever in 2005. Afraid of losing my momentum, I allowed myself to be talked into participating in a night-time 5K…at the end of November…with snow on the ground. Not long after that, I decided I’d better get another race on the calendar so that I would have a reason to keep at it during the long, cold winter months.

starting line1

But this was different. It was the first race where I was by myself…without any training buddies alongside me. I thought it would be lonely at the starting line, but it is anything but lonely. Racers are a breed unto themselves. There is a certain camaraderie among those who, for a variety of reasons, find themselves lined up in 41F weather, waiting for the local fire department to blow its horn, indicating the start of the race.

within the first few min

This is what I’m thinking as I go along the course.

Race begins — Caught up in the excitement, I start off with a jog.

I SO have this. This is amazing. Wonder which race I should sign up for next.

This lasts approximately three minutes. THREE.
I slow down to my typical rapid walk.

What in hell was I thinking?!? I’m not an athlete. And with all of these spectators, I don’t think I’ll be able to find anywhere to hide and wait this thing out.

THIS lasts for the next…oh, I’d say FIFTEEN minutes.

Ah…I see runners on the other side. The turn-around must be right up ahead. I can do this.

Unfortunately, this is like one of those horrid word problems from school. If Mary and John both leave the starting line at the same time with John running at 6.0 MPH and Mary trudging along at 3.1 MPH… In other words, the fact that I was seeing runners heading back toward the finish line at a healthy clip didn’t actually mean that I was anywhere near the turn-around point.

It’s got to be close. Right over that hill. No, maybe the next one. Or maybe the next one… Oh, what in hell was I thinking?!? Wait…ARGH.

Until finally, finally, I too am headed back the other way.

I can do this. I’m more than halfway to the end. And look, I’m not even the last one…

Which is what I am thinking the ENTIRE way back towards the finish line. Until…

OK, I’m gonna run this thing in. Because there is no WAY they are taking a picture of me walking across that finish line.

race results1

Best race of the year…so far. Next up? The Oy Vey 5K in June. Stay tuned.


And in other news, I’m getting ready to Tweet #Torah to the Top. Curious? Read all about it over at Rabbis Without Borders.

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1 Nina 08 May 2013 @ 10:09 pm at 10:09 pm

The Oy Vey 5K is the BEST name over for a race.


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