Carving Out Time

by Rebecca Einstein Schorr on 15 January 2013 @ 1:51 pm


Last week, I had an amazing opportunity, thanks to the generous support of Rabbis Without Borders and Advancing Women Professionals and the Jewish Community: two days to myself. Actually, they didn’t give me the two days to myself. They invited me to participate in The Op Ed Project and, in doing so, provided the opportunity for me to escape the cornfield and recharge myself emotionally, physically, and intellectually. You can read all about it over at Kveller.


Coming Attraction: I was on a panel discussion over at HuffPostLive yesterday and have some thoughts about the…um…”dialogue.” Return tomorrow and find out my impressions. If you want to watch the archived episode in advance to tomorrow’s post, you’ll want to have a stiff drink in hand.

Borrowing Bar Mitzvahs

[I warned you…]

See you tomorrow.

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