Writing Samples

Give Me A (Bathroom) Break: An Essay From The ‘Listen To Your Mother’ Reading Series

At His Untraditional Bar Mitzvah, A Son Leads The Congregation
A Different Kind of Bar Mitzvah: Walking for Autism
Parents, Consumed With The ‘What Ifs’
A Mother’s Prayer: Like Chametz, Take My Resentment
Summer Camp Cliffhanger, Pt. 2: Anxieties About Inclusion
Summer Camp Cliffhanger, Pt. 1:A Parent’s Defense of Specialized Summer Settings
Asperger’s Mom Seeks Friend For Her Son

(Jewish Perspective on Parenting & Family Life)
Should Jews Celebrate Valentine’s Day?
“Why I Won’t Be Reading The Giving Tree on Tu Bishvat”
We Lost a Hero in Lance Armstrong
In Praise of the Mommy Retreat
What’s a Jewish Costume?
“Special Education Speed Dating”
“How My New Year’s “Attitude” Resolutions Panned Out”
“Sandy Hook: Three Different Kids, Three Different Discussions”
“Is There a Right Way to Decorate for Hanukkah?”
“Traveling and Asperger’s Syndrome Don’t Always Together”
“Don’t Do Your Kids’ Homework”
“My Jewish Guilt from Hurricane Sandy”
“Shopping for My Daughter’s First Bra”

“#Torah Without Borders”
“It’s Over…Or Is It?”
“Increasing Purim’s Joy”
“Lacking Knowledge”
“Make The Pledge…Equally”
“Driving Lesson”
“Learning from Experience”
“A Pivotal Moment”
“What’s in a Name?”
“New Motto: Be (Spiritually) Prepared”
“Bitter, Bitter Cheshvan”
“Rolling, Rolling, Rolling”
“A Single Long Day”

“Including The Four Children” EdJewTopia (March issue)
“The Masks We Wear” Reform Judaism blog
“That I May Dwell Among Them” Reform Judaism blog
“A Reflection From Last Week’s Seminar” The Byline Blog of The Op Ed Project
“The Christian Bar Mitzvah: A Rabbi’s TakeHebrew Union College Blog of Continuing Jewish Education
“Loving Whom?” Reform Judaism blog
“Reform Judaism” The Rebbetzin Rocks
“Q&A with Writer Rebecca Schorr” Abigail Green’s blog
“Under Pressure” TheSmartly.com
“A Heart Full of Love” Jewcier.com
“About Last Night: Ruth, Boaz, and the Threshing Floor” Jewcier.com
“Remembering the Fifth Child” Reform Judaism blog
“Bikkur Cholim – Immeasurable Reward” National Jewish Post & Opinion
“A Chanukah Dilemma: Can Dreidels and Gelt Contribute to Stereotypes About Jews?” On Being blog
“Rolling, Rolling, Rolling” Reform Judaism blog
“Goggles” Ithaca College View – Arts & Literary Issue
“Suspicion of the Other” Examiner.com
“Sounds Like…” Reform Judaism blog
“Emulating God – Parasha R’ei” boardofrabbis.org
“Reflections on Darfur” Jewish World Watch, originally printed in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles

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