Elul 15: Plan

by Rebecca Einstein Schorr on 26 August 2018 @ 12:03 am

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I’m a planner. I always have been.

And, as my kids know, I like to have a Plan B. Possibly a Plan C, etc. depending on the particular circumstances.

I approach the High Holy Days with a plan as well. Or, should I say, several plans. I have a plan as a rabbi. Another plan as a pray-er. And still another one as the resident balebuste.

The rabbi plan actually starts months and months before Elul. I think about the sermon topics I might want to address. I start reviewing the liturgy and begin to craft the overall arc of the services. I search for additional readings that I’d like to introduce.

As a pray-er, I start doing my soulwork as the new moon of Elul appears. I listen to soul-stirring music. I study passages in the machzor that I find troubling. I check the Torah and Haftarah texts to see if there are commentaries that resonate with me.

And then there is the food. I spend hours and hours working on my menu and then, working backwards from 1 Tishrei, firgure out what needs to be prepared on which day so that my holiday table is ready to welcome the new year. (This is where Pinterest really comes in handy.)

For each one of these plans, I have back-up plans. Excessive? Maybe. But it eases up some of the anxiety I feel this time of year.

How do you plan for these holy days?


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